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Base rate lowered to 0.25%


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base rate down to 0.25% What is the rate of change base means for mortgage rates? The Bank of England cut the base rate of from 0.5% to 0.25%. With many people predicting the movement of the next base...

Mortgage options available – Fixed rate and Tracker deals


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mortgage options – fixed rate and tracker deals David Blake Which? Mortgage Professionals speak fixed rates and tracker current offers available on the market: mortgages at five-year fixed rate “Prices across the overall market appears to be down slightly....

‘Business as usual’ for post-Brexit housing market


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“Business as usual” for the post-Brexit housing market The signs suggest that the housing market across England and Wales will return to “business as usual” after the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU. according to research from Rightmove,...

Mortgage lending strongest for 8 years


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Mortgage lending Strongest for 8 years Lending for June 2016 Was at ict Highest since 2008, the Council . of Mortgage Lenders HAS Reported An Estimated £ 56.1 trillion worth of mortgages was taken out over the second quarter...

Base rate remains at 0.5%


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Base rate remains at 0.5% The July 14, 2016, the Bank of England confirmed that the base rate will remain at 0.5%. This means it is always a great time to review your current mortgage -. Customers can still...

Mortgage options post Brexit


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Mortgage Options Brexit displayed With many questions raised around Britain vote to leave the EU we have compiled blog that covers some general information to help answer any burning questions. However, it is always best to speak to our...

Changes in buy to let market


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Redemption variations let the market The buy – to – let market has undergone major changes this week The mortgage works, buy-to-let arm of Nationwide, increased its test stress of 20%. This species could be the amount of savings...

Latest news from the mortgage market


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Latest news from the mortgage market Halifax to lend up to 80 years mortgage lender Halifax increases its maximum age limit for mortgages from 75 to 80 years. This comes after a Halifax survey revealed that one in three...

First Time Buyer Home Show – 16 April 2016


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First Time Buyer Home Show – April 16, 2016 Which? Mortgage Professionals enjoyed talking to people who are considering taking their first step on the property ladder while presenting the recent First Time Buyer Home Show in Croydon. “Most...

Revealed: the affordable property hotspots ‘on the up’


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Revealed: hotspots affordable property “instead of The new Which? analysis and interactive map of property prices, reveals the country that experienced the largest increase in property prices in the past year, while remaining below the national average price of...